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• Roel Meelkop:

TEPNA is directly inspired by the derelict buildings of the old Tepna factory in Nachod in the Czech Republic.
When I was visiting the city in the summer of 2013, I noticed the empty buildings of the former factory and only after a long walk did I realize how vast the premises were. The factory must have been of great importance to the town of Nachod once, but what is left of it now consists only of walls, floors and some roofs. The buildings have obviously been abandoned quite some time ago, but even now, people are still ridding them of all the steel that is left in it. I was not able to get onto the grounds of the factory, but the views and sounds emanating from the ruins prompted me later to create these three tracks, all of which deal with sound and space, in one way or another. In them I have tried to convey some of the impressions that I had, watching the ruins from the outside.
In these works I have used several recordings that are quite old, as well as ones that I have made especially for this release. During the process of recording, things happen that cannot be preconceived and that will sometimes play a major role in the resulting audio work. I am very grateful for these welcome accidents, because without them, no work would be really complete. Another aspect of field recordings that I really appreciate is that they are generally not very clean, most of them are filled with background noises and hiss. These noises are yet another source of almost unlimited richness and detail that I use very gladly. If you listen carefully you can hear the music sounding in between all the noise.

For the first time I am adding some edited photographs as covers with a release. I took them during the walk around the Tepna ruins. They offer an oblique glimpse of the remnants.

rm 2013

• Album includes bonus items: 3 photos from the inspiration location.


released December 14, 2013



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